The Stranger In My Life Is Now On TV

It’s been a long haul, but this week Janet and I – and hopefully a lot of other people too – will see The Stranger In My Life on TV.

Six years ago we were contacted by a production company in London (Raw Cut), asking if we would agree to the filming of a documentary based on Janet’s story. We said yes and duly signed a contract.

fullsizeoutput_74fTurning the Stranger In My Life into a TV programme been a fascinating process for us, but possibly a frustrating one for Raw Cut. We think it’s taken longer than they envisaged and I think it’s fair to say, it’s certainly taken much longer than we envisaged. But having now seen the finished programme, ahead of airing on Wednesday 10 October at 9PM on ITV, we think they have done a great job.

I have always thought that Janet’s story was a good one, one that would translate well to other media and, having read the comments on our Amazon book page and having spoken to many people over the years, it’s clear other people did too,  It’s a biography, yes, but it’s also a mystery story that has left most people amazed at Janet’s fortitude.

Of course, not everyone is sympathetic – least of all the police – but in some ways it doesn’t matter. The important thing is, we wanted the story to be told with integrity, with as little ‘sensationalism’ as possible and that’s what Raw Cut has done.

The Stranger In My Life
Janet and Fred at Ball Beard Farm

I started writing The Stranger In My Life eight years ago, Raw Cut approached us six years ago but the story really began 42 years ago when Fred Handford disappeared. I think the documentary answers the question of where he is, but then I have always believed Janet’s version of events.

Am I a Murderer is a balanced telling of an amazing story and one I would thoroughly recommend watching.

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