Is Anyone Telling The Truth?

The Stranger In My Life
Janet and Fred at Ball Beard Farm

I reread Janet’s statement to the police. Nothing new jumps out at me: she describes the day before Fred disappeared as being the same as any other day, in fact, her statement seems ordinary to the point of banality: too bland to convince, in fact.

I think back to the conversation I had with Fred’s niece, June Binns and how she described Janet as some sort of farming femme fatale – nothing banal there at all, in fact quite the opposite. But I’m also pretty sure that June’s description of Janet as a woman with her eye on Ball Beard Farm – and on Fred – is unreliable as well.

June is so ‘anti-Janet’ in her conversation it’s almost as if she is distracting me from something more important.

I need to speak to Fred’s 93-year-old sister, Mags.

But Mags, if you recall, is also the writer of the ‘libellous’ pamphlet I’m trying to track down; the pamphlet that the local history society appear to have ‘lost’.

No wonder the case is still open.

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