The Local History Society Reveals An Interesting Fact

Ball Beard Farm, Fred Handford
Ball Beard Farm in New Mills Derbyshire

2 March

Janet tells me, when I call her, that she has made an appointment for 15 March to see Dr Belinda Browne-Thomas, one of the northern-based psychologists recommended by my friend, Erica. Unfortunately, Janet’s friend, Mary is not able to go with her due to work commitments.

3 March

I’ve heard nothing back from Derbyshire Constabulary so I call and speak to Maria in the communications team who tells me they are very busy with current cases but they will, of course, contact me straight away if they find out anything about the Fred Handford case.

Catherine, the librarian at New Mills library, calls to tell me she has spoken to Derek Brumhead of the New Mills local history society. Derek doesn’t remember the case personally but I am welcome to call him as he says I might be interested in a pamphlet that was published privately relating to Fred’s disappearance.

I’m intrigued. Who on earth would take the trouble to pay for and publish a pamphlet? It sounds positively Victorian – and, of course, I call him straight away.

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